Furillen flash mob

Loved being there!



I signed off from a recent post by saying:

‘For a sim in which nothing much happens, everything at Furillen happens fast.’

And so it came to pass. Furillen’s second art (?) event came and went …

Furillen's souls

… in a flash.

The Pier (2)

Although I had wanted to do something like itfor a while, this wasn’t actually planned. Suchthings rarely are.

Happy Hour 2@furillen

And although I am calling it a mob, 20 is as many avatars as Furillen – still a homestead – is allowed to take.


But still … with 14 of us standing around Furillen’s landing spotposingfor a video that Tuts Navarathna was making,the opportunity seemed too good to miss.

So we gathered on the pier.

The Pier (5)

Calls and TPs went out and14 became 15 …

furillen @ love of life, 2 feb 2016

…. then16.

The Pier (1)

For a while we topped out at 18, because although more avatars were arriving …


… those of us already in lineand taking pictures were…

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